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Hello, I am Coralee Mathews, the ESL Coordinator for AMDSB since 1998! Working with ELLs (English Language Learners) has never been more exciting! This website and its 2 sister sites has been designed to help Parents, Educators, and Students to navigate through the many resources available on the Internet devoted to ELLs.

Resource Center - this site provides links to resources for teachers and parents to improve students' literacy, writing, and oral English skills. The resources selected are things we have found useful here in AMDSB. In selecting resources, I like practical: which means free and ready to use right away! You will also find materials from some of my workshops over the years which reflect my interests and teaching preferences - I hope they will inspire you to have fun with your kids :-)

STEPs - this site is for teachers working with the Ontario Ministry of Education's new tool Steps to English Language Proficiency, a research based scale similar to the common European Framework and the Canadian Language Benchmarks, but original to and based on current field testing of Ontario's diverse ELL population. STEPs has undergone extensive testing and vetting in Ontario school boards over the past 10 years and we in AMDSB believe it is the best system for assessment and ongoing program adaptation for both ESL (English as a Second Language) and ELD (English Literacy Development) students. The site offers samples of projects, tests, and materials that I have developed to support our students using STEPs as the foundation for curriculum success in both ESL/ELD and Mainstream classrooms.

Teaching ESL - this site is specifically for Ontario teachers both practicing and studying ESL. I developed the site for my students while teaching ESL AQ courses at Brock University. The site links teachers directly to Ministry resources and resources that support research based, best practices for effective ELL instruction.


Resources are added all the time, so please bookmark our site and visit often!




Christmas Canada

Low German Resources for Teachers and Students

Fullfilling the Promise of Diversity - the Ministry of Education Ontario!

Kindergarten ELLs - Links for Teachers

Mrs Levin's Prek Pages - gives several authentic ideas for making your kindergarten more ESL friendly and to help you connect with your ELLs.

ESL Movie - A charming video made by a kindergarten teacher that shows lovely circle time strategies for working with ELLs that will work for all jk/sk students - using rehearsed sentences and key visuals as well as music

ESL Ideas for the Kindergarten Classroom: a variety of ideas for activities that make your kindergarten ELL friendly

Colorin Colorado! : an excellent U.S. site that offers information on learning ESL in Kindergarten and beyond for teachers and parents in both English and Spanish.


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ESL Coordinator, AMDSB